'dancers' - commissioned piece from lacquered steel with concrete base.  
figurative sculpture in 'bronzed' stoneware  

'Guerrilla Sculpture Installations'
These sculptures have been installed in my neighbourhood and along my running routes. Materials used include welded steel, ice and bricks. They have been installed unofficially, hence their title. They are meant to surprise & delight walkers, cyclists & runners. I hope to continue installing sculptures & will photograph them throughout the seasons.


Bench Additions
These welded steel 'side tables' have been added to a park bench located in an park immediately behind the studio. The plan is to add 2 more sculptures to this park.


'Appleman with door & peep hole' - cut and welded steel from the Appleman series.

'Clyde' - part of 'Bonnie & Clyde' - cut and welded steel with wood & concrete.

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